Legitimacy Holds Houthis Guilty for the Famine in Yemen

October 26, 2018

Deputy Permanent Representative of Yemen to the UN Marwan Ali Norman has held Iranian-backedHouthi militias to be responsible for the deterioration of humanitarian condition in a country which subjects half of the Yemeni people to famine on the basis of the latest report of Mark Lowcock, the UN Aid Chief.

He said that there is a clear and present danger of great and imminent famine which engulfs Yemen. This is much larger than anything that a professional in this field has ever seen during their work life. About 14 million people might be on the verge of famine and completely rely on humanitarian aid for their survival.

Lowcock said that in the last month, he had called for a substantial and urgent injection of foreign exchange and resumptions of the payments to key republic sector workers and pensioners such as health professionals and teachers. He is known to have welcomed the announcement by Saudi Arabia and UAE of $70 million for covering the allowance for 135,000 teachers throughout Yemen.

Noman, for his part, has stressed that the suffering of the Yemeni people is caused by Houthi militias that are executing the agenda of Iran and also Lebanese Hezbollah party in the area. He said that militias have practiced all types of torture, murder, and forced displacement in the cities of Yemen which they invade.

Houthis are known to have recruited 20,000 children and detain by 84 aid and oil ships. Moreover, it has targeted 7 aid and commercial ships in Red Sea. Noman has assured that the legitimate government is going to work on measures that will alleviate the humanitarian suffering. The central bank is known to have taken many steps for this. Deputy Permanent Delegate of Kuwait to Bader Al-Manikh of United Nations hailed the support of Saudi government to Central Bank through the latest deposit of USD200 million which brings the Saudi deposit to USD3.2 billion.