Missile attack on a military graduation ceremony in Al-Dhalea…9 persons were killed.

December 31, 2019
9 people were killed and a large number of wounded, by an explosion targeting a military graduation ceremony in Al-Dhali, Yemen, while initial reports indicated that the dead were members of the security belt forces. The death toll is likely to rise as many of the wounded are in critical condition. 
The security belt forces in al-Dhalea announced the arrest of 3 members of the Houthi militia near the bombing area, confirming that messages were found proving their condemnation in the bombing today, while investigations are continuing with the elements of the Houthi militia who were arrested in Al-Dhalea.
According to a source, the missile was launched from the city of Damt towards the military parade in Dhali.

According to the Al-Dhali front media official, Majed Al-Shuaibi, it is believed that the explosion was caused by a missile attack, which targeted the graduation ceremony of the security belt forces at Al-Samoud Stadium in Al-Dhali city, the Houthi attack on the military parade was an attempt to compensate for their losses.

Several videos showed smoke rising in the sky as a result of the explosion.

Reuters quoted witnesses saying that an explosion occurred near a platform for the guests during the ceremony.Yemeni sources accused the Houthis of launching a missile attack on the military parade in Dali.

The Presidency of the Southern Transitional has condemned what it described as "the cowardly criminal act that targeted the platform of celebration in Al-Dhali", through the official website of the Southern Transitional Council in Yemen.The Commission held the "Houthi militia" fully responsible for targeting innocent civilians and children, to compensate for its failure.
The commission called on the leadership of the Alliance to Support Legitimacy in Yemen and international organizations to stop the attacks, which intentionally target innocent people and safe cities.

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