More than 10,000 Houthi violations of civilian rights in Al-Dhalea

January 2, 2020

Yemeni human rights network monitored 10 thousand and 509 human rights violations in Al-Dali ‘governorate (south of the country), committed by the Houthi militias, during the period from August 8th, 2015 to December 10th 2019.

 The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms (a non-governmental organization) revealed, in a report released on Monday, that its field team documented 453 killings of civilians during the same period, including 23 women and 17 children, in a number of districts in Al-Dali ‘governorate.

 It also documented 1624 cases of wounded civilians, including 62 children and 42 women, in addition to monitoring 1032 cases of arbitrary detention of civilians, and 25 cases of torture and ill-treatment of detainees.

According to the report, the field team, 2015, detected a violation of the right to private property, including 27 cases of house bombings, 312 incursions and searches, 202 cases of intrusion and looting, 548 cases of partial destruction, and 148 cases of bombing that resulted in total destruction, in addition to detonating 3 public bridges And 216 cases of looting of civilian property. 

The field monitoring team documented 4,800 families who had been forcibly displaced, 9 closings of educational schools, as well as 200 children recruited and taken to the frontlines, in addition to converting the Houthi militia two schools into military barracks.

For rights and freedoms, 13 cases of violations, including two cases of occupation of the Dar al-Qur’an and legal sciences in Damm, turned it into a prison and a military barrack for the militias, in addition to the occupation of the Afra house for girls, 5 cases of detention of preachers, and 6 cases of imposing imams and preachers from members of the Houthi militia. 

The team also monitored 9 military checkpoints that were created by the Houthi militia at all the entrances and exits of the districts of Dammat, Cheben, and Qataba in Al-Dali ‘governorate.

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