More than 38 thousand civilians killed and wounded since the Houthi coup in Yemen

December 12, 2019

This was in the Yemeni Alliance for Monitoring Human Rights Violations statement, on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the Human Rights’ International Day, which falls on December 10th of each year.

A human rights alliance has documented 15,420 Yemeni civilians killed, and 22,916 injured, since the Houthi militia’s coup against the legitimate authority on September 21st, 2014 until the end of October of this year. 

The statement indicated that there are 4, 272 kidnapped civilians, and 6,352 children recruited so far.

It also stated that the mines laid by the Houthi militia in a number of governorates in Yemen caused the deaths of about 1,300 civilians, considering these infringement a flagrant violation of human rights law and the charters of international humanitarian law by the militia.

 “The world celebrates this occasion today, and our country is witnessing for the fifth year in a row the tragic conditions of the human rights situation, as a result of the war in most Yemeni lands as a result of the Houthi militia’s coup against the state.” Said the Yemeni Alliance for Monitoring Human Rights in its statement.

 They called on the international community to intervene effectively to put an end to these violations and play its role regarding these grave violations of human rights in Yemen in a neutral and independent manner, and to take measures to deter and reduce the perpetrators of those crimes. The Yemeni Alliance for Monitoring Human Rights called on the Houthi militia to immediately stop all violations affecting civilians, and to release all arbitrary detainees, including children, women, the elderly, politicians, the media, and community activists. Read more related articles about the yemen:


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