Mosque turned into military base by Houthis in Al Duraihimi

September 26, 2018

In the latest case of disrespecting sacred places among other crimes on innocent civilians, the Houthi militants who are being supported by Iran have turned a mosque in the village in the Al Duraihimi district into a military base.

The room of the Imam was burned by them and they have stationed snipers over the minarets and the mosque roof. The inhabitants of the village, Al Jeraiba, have also been forcefully driven out.

Since the time they had started their coup against the genuine Yemeni authorities, the Houthis have set their targets on hundreds of mosques and also on centers for Quran memorization. They have shelled some of those and have turned others into military barracks or positions.

They also have looted the mosques before they blew them up and that is in contrast to the international laws which protect the places of worships and which have significance in religious matters.

They have moved to these interferences with total disregard for the peoples’ feelings. They are also intended to raise sectarian clashes in the areas under their control.

A resident of Al Jeraiba village, Abdullah Hassan Ali, told that the Houthis, backed by Iran had stormed into the houses and farms in the village, thus expelling the inhabitants forcibly.

He further added that the Houthis were scared after hearing that the Arab Coalition forces had arrived in the village.

A UAE Armed Forces member, operating as a portion of the Arab Coalition led by the Saudis, told that the Houthis have laid landmines in and around the entrance of the mosque and also on the roads of the village. He further noted that majority of the mines have been removed and have been neutralized to secure the safety of the innocent civilians and also in adherence to the objectives of the Arab Coalition.