Mothers are Now Compelled to Decide Which Child to Feed; such is the Case of Yemen Today

December 28, 2018

According to a survey by experts, mothers are forced to decide which child to feed as Yemen is now faced by the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Due to the constant warring between the Houthi rebels and the Arab coalition, the endless air and naval strikes along with incessant fighting led to Yemen going down in the brink of famine.

Recently, as the Humanitarian crisis gets worse day by day, families have to make a devastating choice of which child to feed. Even though the UN initiated the ceasefire between the warring parties this December, the rebels haven’t completely stopped fighting. In fact, with their blame game mode on, they have continually breached the ceasefire.

This resulted in the port of Hodeida being compromised and hence, the UN can’t even send adequate humanitarian goods. Now, with the onset of the harsh winter and lack of facilities, families need to be the one killing them to survive.

As per Valentina Ferrante, Action against Hunger’s country director the situation is very catastrophic. Moreover, the war has taken a dirty toll on the minds of the people. Mothers are left broken as most of them compromise with the lives of their youngest child by letting that child die of hunger. Now, the war is anyway killing family members and till now the death toll has reached 60,000 civilians.

Experts and psychologists claim that the war will leave devastating effects on the minds of people, especially children. The child who is barely 2 only knows of war. Families are always on the edge as anytime one of them can be the next victim of a bomb or a shell.

Moreover, the Saudi Arab coalition is initiating air strikes every 90 minutes and as per the survey, 49% of the strikes don’t hit the target. So instead the locals are killed almost every hour. The Houthi’s have moreover, started using a human shield and are actively bombing schools, weddings, and planting landmines in educational institutions that go off with the slightest touch. Even doctors and government employees aren’t paid so they are leaving.

Now, the UN’s main crisis is to safely get humanitarian goods to Yemen, because in the end if they can’t Yemen will indeed become a ghost town.

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