Muammar Al-Iryani : Houthi militia didn’t respect any of the peace agreements at the Iranian instructions

April 1, 2020

Five years of war has passed on yemen , leaving it bleeding and suffering from multiple diseases such as covid-19 Iran , Qatar and Houthis Militias that doesn’t care about the human suffering of the Yemen Crisis.

And about that the Yemeni Minister of Information, Muammar Al-Iryani, said that the continuous escalation of the Houthi militia confirms its indifference to the human suffering of the Yemenis and the efforts to end the war and bring peace.

Al-Iryani added that the Houthi militia didn’t respect any of the peace agreements at the Iranian instructions, starting from the National Dialogue Conference and the Peace and Partnership Agreement, then the Geneva and Dhahran south and Kuwait consultations, to the Sweden agreement.

But the Houthis militias used and manipulated by Iran is not the only evil devastating Yemen under Iran instructions
Qatar is another evil weapon Iran uses in Yemen ,and for that Muammar Al-Iryani, warned the Qatari authorities against the project of exporting the Iranian revolution to yemen, after Doha’s position had become crystal clear to everyone!

This came in a series of tweets shared by Al-Iryani on his Twitter page, where he said: “The battles of Al-Jouf and Marib are not just a marginal battle related to legitimacy or a political party nor the battle of Saudi Arabia as some people portray it … it is a crucial battle in the course of the conflict with the Iranian expansionist scheme in the region , this is what Countries that consider Yemen an arena for settling scores should realize. ”

Just like all this evil players on Yemen’s chess board wasn’t enough , the COVID -19 didn’t spare Yemen’s fragile population and its most vulnerable people detained in houthis camps and prisons .

The United Nations Human Rights Council published on Monday a report showing that the Houthi prisons in Sanaa “are at risk of coronavirus and threaten the lives of detainees there.”

In the Yemeni file, the consultative organization of the United Nations expressed its deep concern regarding the risks of the wide spread of Corona virus between prisoners and political detainees in Yemen.

The human rights team called on all parties to the conflict to immediately release all detainees and political prisoners held in official and secret political, security and military detention facilities, to prevent the spread of the virus, “in line with their obligations under international law,” according to the report.

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