“Mubasher Qatar” reveals the support of the Qatari regime for terrorist organizations in Yemen

May 9, 2019

It is a clash between construction and sabotage, between reconstruction and corruption. This paradox is clearly visible in Yemen, where the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia works to support the legitimate government.

The Hamdeen regime, led by Tamim bin Hamad, support the militias of terror and vandalism, in all possible ways especially the Houthis, in order to continue fighting and destroying what remains of Yemen.

The support of the Qatar regime for sabotage groups in Yemen, both financially and logistically, gives these militias greater capabilities to continue fighting against the forces of the national army, as well as the depletion of Yemen’s good fortune, what used to be happy Yemen has become sad since these terrorist groups seized control of some of the country’s cities.

The Hamdeen organization supports the subversive militias in Yemen, which target civilians and destroy infrastructure in the country, while the Arab coalition is working to rescue Yemen, once called “Happy Yemen”, from the scourge of war and destruction.

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