Nayef Al-Bakry, Minister: Houthis Destroy 70% Support Facilities of Yemen

October 24, 2018

The kidnapping of Walid Al-Hubaishi, Walid Al-Hubaishi the national football team player by Houthi militias have angered the Yemenis.  This terror group is known to have committed much violation against sports players. The incident of Hubaishi has clarified the matter.

The minister of Yemen, Nayef Al-Bakry of youth and sports has said that Houthi militias commit many violations which are aimed to destroy Yemen’s sports infrastructure.  The incident of Al-Hubaishi isn’t the first attempt. There are other abuses which have been committed by them against sports facilities and individual athletes since the coup against legitimacy.

The minister has noted that there are about 11 players who have been killed by Houthis apart from arresting numerous players, some of whom have been released while others are still under detention. The militias are seen to prevent the families of these detained players from visiting them.

Al-Bakry clearly states that he condemns the arrest of the players. He believes that sports should be kept separate from politics. He also shows how the sports facilities have been used by militias for storing their weapons and also as camps for training the fighters.  Moreover, she declared that 70%of the sports facilities have been completely or partially destroyed due to the war launch by the Houthis on the Yemen cities.

The minister has also noted that there are many challenges facing the athletes and sports in Yemen among them are exploitation of the Youth fighting in the war. He says that there are people who exploit young people in the southern and northern governorates. Quite unfortunately, the death among the youth in Aden has increased because of the misuse, particularly because they are not employed.

However, amidst all these, the only good news is that sports are returning to Yemen, gradually. Some sports activities and events have stated in Hadramout in the governorates of Taiz, Aden, Lahj, and Abyan. There are events like the President’s Cup in Marib for Volleyball and also first and second Olympic Aden Festival.