New Fishery Projects to Be Implemented By ERC in Yemen

November 23, 2018

The United Arab Emirates have to roll out a group of projects which will help the fisheries sector to revive them along the Red Sea Coast as part of the efforts that have been committed by them to support some of the vital sectors in the liberated areas of Yemen.

A meeting was held with a number of representatives from the Yemeni Ministry of Fisheries and the UAE Humanitarian Operations Director for Yemen, Saeed Al Kaabi, in which he said that the Emirates Red Crescent have several commitments to meet with the needs of the liberated areas of Yemen with the newly thought projects.

The new projects will see the rehabilitation of the administrative fishery offices and to make them well-equipped with the solar energy systems and also to help them improve the living conditions of fishermen and their families. It will also help to improve the broader population of the region who largely depend on the sector of fishing of the country. This is also a part of a series of projects that have been launched for building the Red Sea Coast again at the cost of AED 107,100 million.

During the meeting which happened from the side of yemen which included the Advisor to the Yemeni Minister of Fisheries, Ali Rajeh, and Governor of Hodeidah, Dr. Hassan Ali Taher, the UAE Humanitarian Operations Director for Yemen, Saeed Al Kaabi, learned about the needs of the fishermen in that area and also discussed the mechanisms to support the present and future fishing projects. Discussions also took place about the ways by which they can work together so that they can increase the production of fish. Both the sides agreed on the importance of the allocation of special sites in fish markets for supplying families of martyrs of Yemen and the neediest of the country.

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