Oil facilities targeted by the houthis in Yemen amid calls to implement peace agreements

April 15, 2020

The Yemeni legitimate government’s Oil Ministry condemned the targeting of pro-Iranian Houthi militias in the pumping station of the oil pipeline in Ma’rib Governorate.

“The militia’s targeting of the oil pipeline’s pumping station in the Sarwah area represents a criminal, sabotage and catastrophic act on the path of continuous depletion of the state’s resources,” said the ministry in a official statement.“This confirms the fact that these militias have insulted and tampered with the resources and property of the Yemeni people, and they only know the language of sabotage and demolition.” The ministry added.

A local media explained that The Houthi militia targeted the oil pipeline pump located near the Kovel area in the Sirwah District, west of Ma’rib, with a missile, which is a pipeline operated by the Yemeni government-owned Saffer Oil Company.

“The Houthis today commit a new war crime that is added to their black record full of heinous crimes against all Yemenis ,they bombed the oil station in Kovel, the Sarwah district that pumps crude oil through the pipeline from Marib to Ras Issa in Hodeidah and ignites it “added the local media

The Yemeni Ministry of Oil appealed to “all political forces and components in the country and abroad to speed up intervention,to put an end to these terrorist militias, take appropriate measures that ensure the cessation of such hostile and outrageous actions against the Yemeni people, and take measures to protect the remaining vital installations in the country.”

This Houthi escalation comes among the recent shifts in the Al-Jawf and Sarwah fronts, which ended with the insatiable control of the Iranian-backed rebels of most of the densely populated directorates of the north without much resistance.
Sarawah witnessed fierce battles between the Houthis and the Yemeni army since 2015. However, Ma’rib remained strategically important as the battles around it turned to a milestone in the Yemeni crisis in economic matters.

The United Arab Emirates renewed its call to the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council, to immediately implement the Riyadh agreement signed between the two sides”The immediate implementation of the Riyadh agreement is necessary in light of the current developments in Yemen,” Anwar Gargash, UAE Minister of State, said in a Tweet that : “The agreement unites the ranks to confront al-Houthi and paves the way for a political solution, and strengthens efforts to confront the Corona virus.” He added.

” Muslim Brotherhood arrangements in Taiz governorate supported by Qatar to turn the province into a point to target the southern transitional council and the joint resistance forces in the west coast during the coming period, at a time when the UAE urged To immediately implement the Riyadh agreement.”Yemeni political sources revealed to the London newspaper “Al-Arab”.

The sources pointed out that “the statements made by a number of politicians in Taiz affiliated with Qatar in an attempt to settle the ground for this scheme, which comes at an important time after the Houthi took control of Naham and Al-Jawf and their escalation towards Marib Governorate.”

“The controversial statement issued by the former governor of Taiz Ali al-Maamari from his residence in Istanbul, Turkey, comes in the context of an integrated plan to target the joint resistance in the West Coast under regional and ideological reasons, as the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in Taiz continues to mobilize the group’s elements militarily and ideologically Towards the joint resistance forces as the first enemy.”The same sources said.

Yemeni political sources warned previously of dangerous Muslim Brotherhood plans within the legitimacy aimed at spreading chaos and rupture between its ranks to serve their interests by exploiting the continuation of the war in the country.

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