On Friday UN Would Vote to Authorize Advance Monitoring for Yemen Ceasefire

December 21, 2018

Diplomats stated that the United Nations Security Council is scheduled to vote on Friday in order to support a truce agreed by the conflicting parties in Yemen’s Hodeidah region and empower an advance U.N. team to start monitoring the deal.

The 15-member council has spent several days quibbling over a British-drafted resolution and the United States, is sad with Britain’s efforts and came up with their own version on Thursday. The council would be polling on Britain’s draft and Washington is not supposed to put its text to a poll. However, the US mission to the United Nations refused to comment on the matter.

A senior U.N. diplomat, stated that it’s rather bizarre to witness almost same but clashing drafts placed forward by allies, instead of indicating modification to present drafts. He added that the linchpin would be on prompt adoption to back U.N. endeavors and the accord between the parties.

After a week of U.N.-backed peace discussion in Sweden, the Iranian-affiliated Houthi group and Saudi-backed Yemen government agreed to halt fighting in the Red Sea city of Hodeidah and pull out forces. The truce started from 18th December. The draft resolution would allow U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to station for the beginning 30 days – an advance team to start supervising, backing and smoothen the deal between the conflicting parties.

Guterres has been urged to submit suggestion by the end of the month on nominal monitoring operations for the truce and mutual re-disposition of forces; support for the management of and inspections at the ports of Hodeidah, Salif and Ras Issa; and strengthening of the U.N. presence in the Hodeidah region. He would be reporting weekly to the Security Council on enforcement of the deal, according to the draft text.