Over 3,000 Yemenins Benefit from the UAE Aid in Ad Duraihami and Al Tuhayta Districts of Hodeidah

October 5, 2018

The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC is continuing with the distribution of humanitarian aid and distribution of relief to the poor Yemeni families of Hodeidah Government for meeting their requirements and help them out to overcome the dire humanitarian condition that was caused by the Houthi militias that is backed by Iran. Due to this, 3,500 people have benefitted from the aid, most of them being women and children.  The UAE philanthropic agency distributed 500 food baskets to the underprivileged in Ad-Duraihami and Al Tuhayta districts.

The ERC is working on its efforts in order to improve the health conditions of the families in the remote areas with the help of the mobile medical clinics. The Houthi rebels are using the weapon of intimidation, starvation, and oppression against the humble and honest civilians in the framework of the question for controlling the capabilities and wealth of the Yemen population and executing the dubious scheme that aims to hold the fate of Yemen in the hands of the people who doesn’t want anything good for the people.

UAE has again been ranked as the largest donor of emergency humanitarian assistance to Yemen across the world in 2018. As per the Financial Tracking Service, UAE is also the second-largest source to support Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan of 2018 after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The latest FTS has shown that ever since the starting of 2018 till 1st October 2018, UAE has given out Dhs4.56 billion as aid to Yemen that includes Dhs1.71 billion to YHRP, and also Dhs815.8 million as the direct humanitarian assistance.

The report shows humanitarian assistance to Yemen just from the beginning of 2018 till the month of August, 2018. UAE has offered aid to Yemen that amounts to Dhs3.75 billion that includes Dhs1.71 billion in response to YHRP, and also Dhs730 million as the direct humanitarian assistance.