Pentagon: under the guidance of Iran Houthis commit atrocities in Yemen

September 6, 2019

The US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said that the Houthi militias were committing atrocities in Yemen and that Iran was giving the orders and directions, stressing that Saudi Arabia and others had the right to defend themselves against near-daily attacks by those militias.

He added that Iran, in addition to its efforts to acquire long-range nuclear missiles, is the source of much malicious behavior in the region, in Yemen, Syria or Lebanon.

He said, “What we want, is to bring Iran to the diplomatic paths,

 We need to discuss how they can become normal and stop spreading unrest and terrorism throughout the region. If this stops, many of these problems will end “

Esper declared during a  conference in London that the Pentagon currently has no plans to seize the Iranian oil tanker Adrian Daria 1.

On the Turkish issue, the US Defense Secretary stressed that Turkey will not get  F35 fighter jets,after getting  the Russian defense system S400, noting that turkey is taking the wrong direction.

When Asked whether India would also get the  F35 after getting S400 from the Russians , the US defense secretary said the White House takes  each case on independent basis .

“Turkey is in a different position because it has been a NATO member for some time and there has been agreement among NATO members not to take this  direction,” he said. “India is a different case.

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