Pope Claims UAE Leaders Harbor ‘Good Will’ Seeking Peace in Yemen

February 6, 2019

Recently, Pope Francis visited the UAE as part of his first ever papal visit to start off the UAE’s year of tolerance. On his way back in the Papal airplane, he was asked about his view on UAE in regards to the violence that is undergoing in Yemen.

The Pope commented that he met few UAE leaders and did address the issue of the Yemeni war, and he found ‘good will’ among the leaders who want nothing more than peace.

In the past, Pope Francis condemned the Yemeni war and was aggravated with the way millions of innocents were murdered. The 4-year long war between the Houthi backed allies and the Saudi coalition has led to numerous people being deployed form their homes. Today Yemen lies in the brink of starvation will children dying in hospitals, and others fleeing the country. People are living in adverse conditions with no food and water to consume. With the warring parties attacking and blocking the ports, numerous humanitarian aids are burned and not even reaching the people. As a result, currently, Yemen lies in the brink of starvation and despair.

Pope Francis abhorring this incident, discussed it with the crown prince of UAE, Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan and other leaders. As per his statements, these leaders are willing to look up options to help and assist the Yemeni war-stricken and look for ways to resolve the 4-year long conflict.

Currently, Yemen is standing owing to the United Nations that has issued a weak ceasefire deal to provide humanitarian goods to Yemen. Although, the endeavor is tough the UN keeps working out ways to prevent the outbreak of another major fight. With hope stronger than fear the UN tries to bring optimism back into darkness infested Yemen that is on the brink of its end.

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