Qatar Has Lost War in Yemen

December 27, 2018

Despite the best efforts of the emir of Qatar, Qatar has failed in its mission in Yemen. The Arab Coalition has proven to be too strong for Qatar to handle. The coalition has been a strong force against all the efforts of Qatar who has been proven to be fragile.

Qatar was involved in Yemen because they were helping the houthi rebels. More specifically, Qatar was smuggling weapons and aiding the houthis. Unfortunately for them, this was recently exposed by the legitimate authorities of Yemen. In fact, they managed to seize and confiscate hundreds of sniper rifles, loads of ammunition and even a number of drones in Ma’reb.

Realizing the danger they were in, a number of leaders of the militia groups supported by Qatar decided to jump ship. This includes the Houthi ministers of education and information.

This has shocked the Qatar leadership to their core. Their terrorist agenda was failing. In order to prevent a complete collapse, the emir of Qatar tried to give the houthi militias a new life via Erdogan, the president of Turkey. He even worked to organize a meeting between the Houthi militias and Tawakol Karman back in Turkey.

Unfortunately, nothing could help Qatar anymore. The Houthis were defeated and they had to attend the peace talks in Sweden. The militias employed by Qatar were also forced to leave the port of Hodeida.

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