Qatar-Omani propaganda demonises Arab coalition

July 3, 2019
Reliable and well-informed sources have revealed to the media “Arabs” the confirmation that Qatar and Oman are plotting and leading a media propaganda campaign against the Arab coalition (Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) to tarnish the image. of the coalition, its actions protecting Yemen and all its military and humanitarian efforts during the last 5 years.
This loose and dirty media war led from the depths of the western city of Salalah, where Qatar and Oman deploy large financial and logistical means by putting them at the disposal of his agents Yemenis pro Iran to write monsenges and horrors of utterances and sharing on websites and
social networks, as it was recently observed a blatant escalation of a media war against the Arab coalition.
Journalists and active members of the Arab anti-coalition propaganda are pro-Iran Yemeni journalists living in the United States in Turkey and even in Qatar, and Yemeni journalists belonging to the legitimate regime of dual agents for Qatar, in order to harm the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
The media source also revealed that the goal of this loose propaganda is the distortion of the role of the Arab alliance and the demonization of its presence in Yemen, especially Socotra, claiming that the United Arab Emirates
and Saudi Arabia wants to ‘to grab.
The Al-Jazeera office in Muscat, led by a Yemeni extremist journalist, has become a state-of-the-art communications center for planning the anti-Arab coalition propaganda plan by producing and supplying information material from Yemeni territory in order to distort the role of the Arab alliance and to question its objectives.

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