Representatives of the United Nations would be holding Discussions with Houthis

December 24, 2018

The head of a United Nations mission assigned with the task of keeping an eye on ceasefire in the Yemeni port city of Al Hodeidah reached Sanaa on 23rd December, in order to hold discussions with the leaders of the Houthi rebels.


The UN representative, Patrick Cammaert, landed in the Yemeni capital after taking part in a meeting with the representatives of Yemen’s Saudi-supported government on 22nd December.


The UN Security Council, on 21st November, universally endorsed a resolution backed by the British government, intended to select a UN team who would look at and monitor a truce over the Houthi controlled port city of Al Hodeidah.  The discussions would be held so that the port of Hodeidah could be used easily for the food imports. The port was being used previously by the Houthi rebels in order to transport weapons and other ammunitions. The rebels used to prvent any humanitarian aid to reach the Yemeni citizens.


The Houthis had conceded to withdraw troops and stop fighting in the port city of Hodeidah on 13th December, after discussion with the other party of the conflict. The peace discussion between the rebels and the Yemeni government took place in Sweden.


However, even after the discussion, the Houthis have allegedly breached the ceasefire in Yemen on 14 occasions since Friday i.e. 21st December. UN-supported peace discussions between the two conflicting sides, i.e. government-backed Yemeni coalition forces and the Houthi militia in Yemen kicked off in Sweden, earlier in December. The peace talks were organized in order to bring an end to the four years of civil war in the Arab nation.


The armed conflict has contributed over 22 million people that reckons over three-quarters of the total Yemeni population, who is in the immediate need of humanitarian help as well as protection. It has been also reported that around eight million people are facing going through acute food insecurity and are also on the brink of starvation.


According to sources, the meeting will try to focus on the ways the monitoring of the port of Hodeidah could be carried out smoothly without the Houthis creating any kind of fuss or probem for the United Nations.

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