Revealed: 150 Houthis stormed Al-Ruwaishan’s house

April 24, 2020

The former Yemeni Minister of Culture and well-known writer Khaled al-Ruwaishan revealed the details of his kidnapping by the Houthi coup militia from his house in the capital, Sanaa, at dawn last Sunday, April 19th, 2020.

Al-Ruwaishan posted pictures on his page on the social media site “Facebook”, showing the effects of the tampering and the devastation inflicted on his house as a result of the Houthi militia’s storming.The main gate of the house appeared broken and there were effects of tampering and destruction on the contents of the house, door closers and personal belongings.

“Al-Ruwaishan” wrote about those who called themselves “Dawn Raiders!” – “they broke into my house! It was five in the morning and I was sleeping alone in my room on the third floor when I heard violent beatings with huge mallets to break the door.”He added: “I rose quickly and it was most important to me at the moment that I put on my clothes first! I did not confirm that I did when the door opened strongly after it was broken! The masked people were in front of me.”

He continued, “They were screaming with their guns pointing towards me and at the same time theyscreamed – give yourself up ! I kept calm despite the shock and went down with them to discover that their number in the house is about fifty!”

“When I got out of the house, I saw the huge outer iron door, lying on the ground which was stormed with an armored vehicle,” al-Ruwaishan said. He pointed out that the streets leading to his house were full of dozens of armored vehicles and crew and about 150 masked gunmen surrounded the house and stood under every window and next to each door in the houses of the entire street.The former Yemeni Minister of Culture pointed out that the Houthis completely closed the streets and even blocked the worshipers inside a nearby mosque who were there forthe Fajr prayer.

Al-Houthi militia released al-Ruwaishan hours after he was kidnapped, following a massive public criticism campaign. Khalid Al-Ruwaishan is a well-known writer, intellectual and member of the Yemeni Shura Council, known for his balanced national writings. In a series of writings, he expressed great and bold criticism since the first day of the Houthi coup.

Al-Ruwaishan, who belongs to one of the Yemeni tribes in the well-known area of Khulan, is one of the most prominent political pens opposed to the Houthi militia and he is known for his critical writings of its policy and sectarian projects. Al-Ruwaishan held the portfolio of the Ministry of Culture for two consecutive terms, during the period 2003-2007, three years after he headed the General Book Authority.

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