Rise in Covid-19 cases in Yemen propels UN to press for Truce

May 8, 2020

Amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, the United Nations entailed for an all-party consent to a truce in Yemen and target countering the virus. Diplomats of the five members of the UNSC to Yemen have rehashed their calls for an urgent truce within the nation following the sudden rise in the number of coronavirus cases.

The contention in Yemen has been divided into two fundamental categories: pro-government forces led by President Hadi and anti-government powers led by the Houthis. For over five years of war in Yemen, it has witnessed the demise of more than 10,000 people, millions experiencing a lack of food and medical facilities, taking the nation on the edge of famine. Yemen has seen its economy breakdown, a cholera pandemic that has killed about 4,000 people, and continuous battle.

As indicated by ABC News, over 50% of Yemen’s hospitals are operating, as per Oxfam International; those hospitals that are functioning severely are in need of medicines, PPEs, medical personnel, and tools.

Following a video conference with Yemen’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Al-Hadrami, and a representative for the Iran-backed Houthis, Mohammed Abdul Salam, the diplomats encouraged both the parties to positively engage with the UN’s proposal to end assaults and drive the nation’s medical system to battle the rising coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Arab News, The Saudi-led coalition and the globally recognized government have announced a ceasefire in Yemen to authorize health care professionals to battle the pandemic.

Houthi rebels have demanded to end the air attacks against their forces, to open airports and also the withdrawal of Saudi-led coalition powers from the state before they cohere to a truce.

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