Saada: 9 Houthis, including a field leader, were killed in Baqim

March 12, 2020

Nine Houthi militia elements, including a field leader, were killed in a failed militia’s infiltration attempt in the Baqim district, northwest of Saada governorate, the main Houthis stronghold.

The Fifth Brigades’ Commander, Border Guard, Brigadier General Mohamed Al-Bahli, confirmed that at least 9 Houthi militias, including the leader called “Abu al-Hussein al-Razami”, were killed and others were wounded while trying to infiltrate a National Army’s site.

Brigadier Al-Bahly confirmed, according to a statement published by the Yemeni army media center, that the infiltration attempt was thwarted and the remaining Houthi elements were forced to flee.

“The National Army’s artillery targeted groups of Houthi militias on the same front, and the shelling resulted in militias deaths and injuries, in addition to other losses in combat equipment.” He added.

It is noteworthy that the Yemeni army, supported by Support Legitimacy Coalition forces, is engaged in extensive military operations in more than 8 combat axes in the Houthi stronghold of the Saada Governorates’ districts.

In addition, a series of airstrikes by the Alliance targeted militia groups, separate locations and combat mechanisms in the Haradh and Estaba districts north of Hajjah Governorate (northwest of Yemen).

The Yemeni army’s media center stated that the raids resulted in the death of a number of militia members, in addition to the destruction of two weapons stores, three armored crews, and a BMP vehicle.

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