Sanaa: Lack of gas despite the announcement of availability

October 17, 2019

Citizens in Sanaa said they were unable to fill gas cylinders, although employees of gas stations asked them to come.

Citizens said they stood in long queues in front of gas stations for long hours, but they returned without getting anything.

Citizens and added that the gas workers asked them to return tomorrow, after re-arranging the order of names listing,and keeping the names of citizens who paid extra amounts on the top of the lists.

Citizens expressed dissatisfaction with this behavior, which was preceded by a similar behavior with regard to those belonging to Hashemite families.
The militia has raised the price of domestic gas from 300 to 4,300 riyals recently.

The militia is using the oil derivatives crisis to revive the black market, which generates millions of riyals.

The Yemeni gas company, which is controlled by the Houthis, said on Tuesday it distributed 183 domestic gases to the lane in the neighborhoods of the capital’s secretariat and nine debt to the areas overlapping with the secretariat for distribution to citizens.

The company said in a statement that the number of gas locomotives was only 30 locomotives, including six of the secretariat of the capital and 24 other provinces.

Regarding the imported gas shipment, the company showed that it distributed 35 gases for direct sale to citizens, and installed 43 turbines for cars and in the capital city .

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