Saudi ambassador to Yemen discusses peace efforts and the Oil Tanker issue with the UN envoy

August 14, 2020

On Tuesday, Saudi Ambassador to Yemen Mohammed al-Jaber had discussions in Riyadh with Martin Griffiths, the United Nations envoy to Yemen. Al-Jaber stressed to the UN envoy the dire necessity for professionals to access the Safer oil tanker that is stranded on the Red Sea.

According to The National, Griffith urged for a nationwide truce, including all ground, air, and maritime threats, and for the parties to ensure assent on the borders between government powers and the Iran-backed Houthi rebels. However, the absence of trust between both sides has slowed the peace process.

Griffiths commended Saudi Arabia’s work in supporting peace truce to resolve contention, including accelerating the execution of the Riyadh agreement, the diplomat stated in a tweet, and Al-Jaber likewise stressed onto the Kingdom’s support for Griffiths’ efforts to arrive at a compressive harmony arrangement in Yemen.

Al-Jaber talked about the FSO Safer emergency, which is 60 kilometers north of the dissident held port of Hodeidah, which was generally used as a Yemen’s oil exports.

Cracks are appearing in the ship, and there are reports that seawater is entering its engine. Experts fear that this may prompt an ecological crisis, for example, a major oil spill in the Red Sea.

On Thursday, Yemen’s Information Minister, Moamar El Eryani tweeted that an oil slick would cause a monetary, natural, and humanitarian disaster and could trigger a multiple times greater than the Beirut blasts. He urged the riparian nations on the Red Sea to recognize the risk.

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