Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport attacked by Houthi insurgents with the use of a missile

August 29, 2019

Yemen’s Iran-coordinated Houthi insurgents targeted Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport with a missile attack on Wednesday.

Official spokesperson of the Coalition to Restore legitimacy in Yemen, Col Turki Al Malki provided confirmation of the missile attack on the Airport to the Saudi Press Agency adding that no casualties have been reported so far.

The spokesperson for Houthi Military Yahya Saria informed that the missile that struck the airport was aimed at the plane hangers according to a report by Reuters .

Col Al Malki also stated that prolongation of such remorseless terror acts is proof that Iran’s administration is associated and is extending support to the Houthis resulting in constant violation of the relevant Security Council resolutions.

This is the second time that Abha airport has been targeted. It was earlier attacked in June when a Houthi drone had claimed life of a Syrian civilian and injured 7 others on June 23 whereas another missile attack in the same month had wounded 26 people which included 2 children.

Col Malki further informed that a Houthi drone was dejected following its launch from Sanaa while it was approaching towards Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this week Saudi bummed out two Houthi drones, one of which was instigated from the capital, Sanna but was dejected while in Yemeni airspace.

The other drone was launched from Amran Governorate’s Hard Sufyan district located towards north-west Sanaa and like the first one this also was dejected in Yemeni airspace.

Saudi ushered alliance together with the UAE, has been fighting against the insurgents since 2015 which began when the Houthis invaded Sanaa and the port city, Hodeidah.

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