Saudi Arabia’s KSRelief Carries on Their Noble Mission in Yemen Syria

December 27, 2018

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) is vigorously taking part in relief activities in war-afflicted Yemen and Syria.

The center is executing several projects to lessen the suffering of Yemenis and Syrians without any bigotry. The relief projects consist of distribution of food, clothes and providing shelter to the dislodged population. In Yemen only, the center is working on 301 humanitarian projects in various sectors, such as, health care, rehabilitation of war victims and children, and education.

On 26th December, KSRelief dispensed 30 tons of food among 2,400 people in parts of Hiran directorate in Yemen’s Hajjah governorate. So far, KSRelief has lent medical treatment for over 21,000 injured Yemenis, both inside and outside Yemen. A total of 6,452 Yemenis obtained treatment in private sector hospitals in Yemen, while 1,000 got treatment in Yemeni medical centers that specializes in eye injuries.

Additionally, 12,795 cases were transferred to Saudi Arabia, 534 to Jordan, 280 to Sudan and one to India. The injured Yemenis conveyed their gratitude to KSRelief for its attempt to treat them.

KSRelief offers health services to all Yemeni people in assistance with the Yemeni Higher Relief Committee by the Yemeni Ministry of Health and Population, as well as local and international partners.

The center is taking special steps for the recuperation of Yemeni children who were forced by the Iranian-backed Houthis to join militias as soldiers.

KSRelief has designed an all-inclusive strategy to aid these children by presenting them with education and planning recreational activities for their proper mental growth.

The center also arranged sewing classes as part of its program to grow manual skills in five Yemeni provinces to support orphan families.

In Syria’s Aleppo governorate, the center distributed winter clothes among the needy Syrian students

KSRelief furnished 50,000 Syrian children across 500 schools with bags containing school supplies and stationery.

It also offered training courses for 525 male and female teachers as well as administrative staff, and arranged an awareness campaigns to motivate children to return to school.

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