Saudi-Led Coalition Air Forces intercept, down Houthi-launched drone

June 27, 2019

The spokesperson for the coalition forces , “Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen ,” Colonel Turki al-Maliki declared that , at 10 :20 pm today , the Coalition Air Forces was able to intercept and downed a drone in Yemeni airspace after it had been launched by the Houthi terrorist militia from the north of Sana’a in the direction of the Kingdom.

Colonel al-Maliki was quoted by Saudi Press Agency, SPA, as stating that the Houthi terrorist criminal tool goes on to launch drones to perform hostile and terrorist works by focusing on civilians and also civilian installations which none of their targets have been achieved. 


“They are actually destroyed and shot down. We confirm the continued execution of deterrent measures against these terrorist militias and the neutralization of Houthi features with all rigor and in accordance with international humanitarian law and its customary rules,” he stated.

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