Saudi Prince Khalid bin Salman States Humanitarian Aid to Yemen Won’t Stop, Even If the Houthis Burn the Food Supplies

January 11, 2019

Regardless of the constant assaults from the Houthis, which includes the burning of food aid, offering support to the war-torn nation Yemen won’t stop. Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the US Prince Khalid bin Salman made this statement on 9th January.

Prince Khalid in his Twitter page stated that it’s highly regrettable that food aid meant for the Yemenis is often destroyed and sometimes even blocked by the Iran-backed Houthis. The Houthin rebels make use of starvation tactics and rather avert famine in Yemen. In spite of this kind of behavior from the Houthis, the coalition government would carry out their work with the international aid organizations in order to furnish resources so that the humanitarian crisis can be avoided.

Mark Lowcock UN Humanitarian Coordinator stated that citizens in Hodeidah felt much safe after the armistice agreement, emphasizing that international law must be honored all round the clock throughout Yemen.

UN aid Chief Mark Lowcock informed the council that almost 10 million people is just on the brink from famine. He added that millions of Yemenis are starving. They are hungry, even more sick, and unguarded than they were a few years back. Lowcock emphasized on the fact that the political process was crucial and the need of feeding a starving child.

The Security Council is contemplating on formation of a new observer mission to Yemen to observe the truce in Hodeidah, manage the withdrawal of forces and permit the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

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