Saudi-Swiss meeting to discuss relief aspects in Yemen

November 1, 2019

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Relief and Humanitarian Relief Center (SRCS) General Supervisor Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah met on Wednesday with Director General of the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development Ambassador Manuel Sager.

During the meeting, Dr. Al-Rabeeah gave an overview of the humanitarian programs implemented by the Center in 45 countries around the world, most importantly Yemen.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed issues of common concern related to relief, humanitarian and development affairs between the Center and the Agency and means of cooperation in the field of training and capacity-building, and the mechanism of implementation of joint projects between the Agency and the Center in countries in need in the interest of humanitarian work like yemen.

Manuel Sajer praised the advanced level of the King Salman Relief Center and its role in serving the needy and the poor in all countries of the world and yemen

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