SDRPY Water Initiative to Benefit 300,000 in Al-Jawf Province of Yemen

June 26, 2019

At a ceremony in Yemen’s Al-Jawf Governorate attended by Al-Jawf Governor Amin Al-Akimi , leaders of the Coalition to Recover Legitimacy in Yemen, together with local government authorities , the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen ( SDRPY ) launched an initiative to increase usage of clean water , donating a fleet of drinking-water tankers for approximately 300 ,000 beneficiaries in the province.


In a speech patterns for the Supervisor-General of SDRPY and also Saudi Ambassador to Yemen Mohammed bin Saeed Al Jaber, SDRPY Al-Jawf Office Director Ali Aldosari said: “This is among several vital development initiatives SDRPY has announced in numerous sectors in coordination with the legitimate government and also local authorities,” Aldosari said. “We intend for these projects to create direct and indirect job opportunities and also help enhance services and living standards .”

Aldosari noted that SDRPY engineering teams needed touring the region, performed needs assessments, and also prioritized projects for electricity, water, roads, healthcare, education, and agriculture. The SDRPY projects implemented in numerous Yemeni provinces really should have a significant effect on development nationwide, he added, extending real support to economic and social development, mirrored by increased stability and security.


“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to work with the legitimate government to bring back hope and security through development and reconstruction,” noted Aldosari during his speech. “The peoples of our two countries, the Kingdom and the brotherly Republic of Yemen, are far entwined in the history of the Arab world .”


Along with today’s donation of ten 5 ,000-liter drinking-water tankers in Al-Jawf , SDRPY is working to assistance the water sector in Yemen via several other projects , including the drilling of wells in Marib, Al-Mahra , Socotra and Hajjah provinces , along with establishing water pipelines to the district of Al-Ghaydah and also developing a water distribution network within the city . SDRPY can be establishing a solar-powered water purification plant on the Red Sea island of Fasht in Hajjah Governorate and also has supplied a fleet of water tankers to Hajjah province as well.

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