Shabwa Governate with UAEs Help Is Successful In Getting Rid of Terrorism

April 3, 2019

Operation “White mountains” has succeeded to bar Al Qaeda’s remaining members from the valleys of Shabwa governorate. This operation, which was initiated by the Shabwani elites and with the support of Emirati, continues to flourish success favorably.

The operation opened the doors among the distressed areas and the Emirati Red Cross offered full support by dispatching humanitarian convoys with over 300 tons to Nasab directorate and Khora area in the first week to get rid of terrorist groups.

Major Ahmed Mohsen Al-Sulaimany, the Shabwani Elites Commander, declared that the engaging southern forces managed to block the support lines between the terrorist elements and the Houthis. They have took over areas, which was used by the two conflicting sides for moving in and out of Shabwa through Al-Baidaa’ governorate. He also mentioned that the participating forces established a control and command center next to new military points, such as the point on the 4th line between Behan and Markha and in Oqbt Amrabaa’,Baidaa’, Meswert Markha in Oqbt Amqowah and the Markha Baidaa’s line point in Oqbt Mosallam. The operations carried on till they reached Al Qaeda’s base and the last operation was the upper border Markha with Baidaa’ where the largest terrorist groups were centralized.
The de-mining squads are continuing to tens of mines and explosive packages which were planted by the terrorist groups in the main entrances and the sub-routes to Khora valley and western Shabwa’s directorate.

For the first time, high-tech tanks were used in Shabwa to warranty the followed plan for military security after removing the terrorist groups from the area. These high tech Emirati tanks are being driven by Shabwa’s men to protect their governorate.

Shabwa’s citizens must stand together against all tricks that have been made against them. They should stand as one in the face of whoever tries to hurt them or divide their land from the Muslim brotherhood group and whoever else tries to capture Shabwa’s resources.

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