Southern Hodeidah: At Least 55 Houthi Militiamen Killed in Saada

October 30, 2018

About 55 Iran-backed Houthi militiamen have been killed and others have been injured in the clashes with Yemeni National Army, legitimacy support coalition of the coalition raids in Saada which is Northwest of Sanaa and south of the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah. Yemeni army forces which are backed by the heavy raid by Saudi-led Arab Coalition had been able to attack directly the Houthi concentration and achieve high military objectives across different combat fronts and continue with a strong push against the coup-held southern fronts.

In a statement that had been posted on the Facebook page, Houthi coupists are known to have admitted to the killing of around 40 members and dozens of members being injured in the clashes on land-bridges that connected the coup-captured Sanaa and also the eastern port of the Hodeidah city.

The Arab coalition aircraft is targeted reinforcement and also Houthi equipment with destructive air raids. In Saada about 15 Houthis had been killed and others had been wounded. Houthi militias have tried to exploit the seasonal change in the weather of Saada province in order to stage a frontal ambush with more than 20 combat vehicles and had been destroyed by the army and also the Arab Coalition force.

In some other development armed confrontations and tensions had widened in between militias of Abdul Malik al-Houthi along with his uncle. Abdul Malik al-Houthi, the Zaidi cleric in much area in the governorates of Saada, Amran, Hajjah, and Sanaa with both of them rallies the base in several regions of Saada.

In al-Jawf province, the military source had said that several army divisions had targeted the positions and gathering on militias at the western fonts late night front of Saturday which inflicted considerable loss in the coup ranks.