Storage Depots Have Been Destroyed by the Houthi Rebels at Hodeidah

January 8, 2019

The supplies that were intended for the suffering Yemeni people have been destroyed by the Houthi rebels.

As per the eyewitnesses, the rebels intentionally bombarded the storage depot in which the basic goods and food were stored by the international relief organisations. The depot is located almost 7 km away from the Hodeidah city. The analysts suspect that the shelling was done to hide the reality of the humanitarian aid theft by the rebels.

Yemeni Minister of Local Administration and Chairman of the High Committee for Relief in Yemen, Dr Abdul Raqeeb Fath blamed the Houthi militia for the worsening conditions of the Yemeni people. He criticized the food and relief theft by the rebels which they wanted to sell in the open market to gain profit.

The Houthi rebels were also accused by the United Nations World Food Programme. The officials of the organisation have said that the rebels hindered the food and supply distributing operations and stole them blatantly from the stores. The Executive Director of the Programme, David Paisley condemned this behaviour of the militants. He said that they were literally stealing food from the mouths of hungry children.

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