Suicide Bombing in Aden leaves 3 security force members of Yemen dead.

August 31, 2019

Suicide bombing in the southern port city, Aden, claimed lives of three Yemeni security force members last evening. This came a day after the UAE affirmed air strikes targeting terrorist groups in the southern port city.Conflicts in Aden have risen agitation that fights might lead to increased terrorist attacks and acts of Al Qaeda.

It was found that the bombing was carried out by a bike rider who was carrying explosives on the motorcycle and denoted the explosives at roundabout in Daar Saad district of Aden, leaving 3 dead and injuring many others even civilians present in the market nearby.

Another attack on the convey of Security Belt force in central Aden severally injured five guards of the convoy whereas its head merely survived the attack.

A security official held Al Qaeda responsible for the attack though no group has claimed responsibility instantly for the bombing so far. Al Qaeda is suspected of the attack as it had been carrying out such attacks and killing in Aden on a regular basis over the years following its liberation from Houthi militants at the beginning of Civil war in Yemen in the year 2015.

The Saudi-ushered coalition assisting the government of Yemen including the UAE has supported in the restoration process of safety in Aden and has aimed at Al Qaida and ISIS in various other parts Southern Yemen. UAE forces along with Yemen’s Forces responsible for targeting terrorists from Al Qaeda and other groups in Yemen have been provided training by the UAE.

Last evening’s attacks were planned at a time amidst conflict between forces in alliance with the government and othersin collaboration with the Southern Transitional Council. Both the attacks were aimed at the STC.

Saudi Arabia along with UAE have extended invitation to both government and STC to be a part of the reconciliation discussion planned in Jeddah so that their participation against the Houthi militants can be agreed upon.

Such attacks every now and then in Aden have further become hurdles in UN efforts towards a political settlement in Yemen’s conflict. A truce that was agreed upon at a Un-backed talks in Sweden almost eight months ago is still to be completely implemented in the port city, Hodeidah.

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