Teaching in Yemen Would Start Again As Teachers Salary Resumes

January 17, 2019

A school in war-torn Yemen is hopeful of the fact that continuation of salary payments might be able to hold back the teachers and bring back children to school. Hoda Naged Useid, the head of the Arwa school in the city of Taiz stated that as over the last few months, things have started to become steady, and the teachers are being paid their due wages, is hopeful of the fact that the situation will carry out in this manner.
Yemen’s third largest city of Taiz, which is governed by the government, still faces the threat of the Houthi militia from the north. It remained the center of a four-year war, contending the Iranian affiliated Houthi rebels against the Saudi led coalition.
In Taiz buildings as well as homes were looted and destroyed. Hoda stated that however people are returning due to a pause in fighting amidst UN-led peace efforts. He added that in case the salaries of the teachers are paid routinely, as it used to be before things would improve. Arwa’s teachers came forward to teach students even after not being paid. As Yemen’s central bank, got divided into two rival head offices, it strived hard to pay wages to people working in the public-sector, as foreign exchange reserves diminished.
The war and following economic breakdown has left 15.9-million people, almost 53% of the population, facing extreme hunger and fighting to access basic goods and services. Hence, for Yemenis sending their children to school for education is a distant dream.
Entire sections of Arwa School have become futile and all books, equipment and chairs have been stolen. Till September, children were studying in an adjoining mosque. Fighting among the two groups have left many schools in ruin.

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