Team of Yemeni Volunteers Join Hands to Get Aden Streets Back To Life

November 2, 2018

A group of young men and women in Aden governorate are using their free time to become volunteers for clearing out the streets of the city, Aden from debris and ruins left back by the war for long years. The Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, entered the port city in the month of March 2015 for attempting to move forward and to expand more. Finally, they were driven out of the city after four months of continuous attack on the city. But the damage which was made to the city was wide.

Huge potholes had been made caused by the airstrikes that lined throughout the streets and the random use of mortar and rocket attacks by the fighters of the Houthi group damaged most of the civilian property within the city. You will be able to find sand fortifications which were used by the local residents of the area to keep the rebels out of their way still, if you visit the city of Aden. Both the Al Qaeda franchise of Yemen, the Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula and Houthi sleeper cells are threat for the southern governorate’s security. The group has not yet been instructed about the time when they can start with the reconstruction project.

Donations of different kinds from private individuals have been received by the campaign launched in the month of October by a young group of Yemeni volunteers the cleaning process have already been started by them such as painting the pavements, removing debris and rubbles from the roads, and fastening electricity wires to the poles. The government is at present in exile and so it is unaware of the situation which is worsening day-by-day, but rest of the city is awake and they are trying hard to save themselves from different kinds of diseases that might affect them during the winter season that is on its way.