The Arab Coalition intercepts Houthi ballistic missiles which were targeting Saudi Arabia’s Najran

August 28, 2020

The Arab Coalition spokesperson Colonel Turki Al Maliki stated that Coalition forces captured and demolished an explosive drone on Sat that was headed towards civilians in Saudi’s southern area. One ballistic missile was blocked on Saturday as it was targeting the city of Jizan.

The cross-border strikes by Iran-backed Houthi forces have intensified since late May during a truce that was proposed expired. In late June, the ballistic missiles reached the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh, Al Arabiya reported.

On Sunday, the forces annihilated another Saudi-targeted bomb-laden UAV in Yemeni airspace, Al Maliki added.

Al-Maliki stated on Monday that the Houthi army “propelled several drones with bombs at citizens and objects” from Sa’dah in Yemen. Two were aimed at Najran, and the other was at Jazan.

The Iran-lacked military has attacked Saudi Arabia with 357 drones and 313 ballistic missiles altogether, Maliki included.

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