The Arab coalition recovers 85% of Yemen and saves it from the mullahs’ regime

May 25, 2019

While the Arab Alliance achieved many goals during its three-year war and recovered 85% of the territory of Yemen and rescued it from the hands of the mullahs’ terrorist regime, the Houthi militias, the “proxy of Iran”, still transcend the red lines.

Their intentions were revealed as a sectarian, political and military arm of Iran in Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula. The Houthi threat has erupted since the coup against the legitimate authority in Yemen by force of arms on 21 September 2014, the militias have committed crimes against the Yemenis
since the first day of the fall of Sana’a, and controlled them in a number of Yemeni provinces including Aden, Lahj, Dali, Abyan, and Shabwa.

The terrorist Houthis militias backed by Iran rejected the proposals of the Yemeni dialogue and agreements with the legitimate authority, until they completed their putsch and seized all the joints of the civil and military state, they repeatedly attacks on neighboring countries, like “Saudi Arabia” where they attacked Meccah and other civilian targets within the Kingdom.
the number of missiles sent is 227 ballistic missiles were, they
were all destroyed by the defenses of the Kingdom.

The Houthi armed militias threatened the international shipping corridor at Bab al-Mandab, and earlier targeted two Saudi oil tankers in the Red Sea. The latest attack on the oil pipelines in Dawadmi and Afif on the 14th of May was done through seven Iranian-made explosive devices, the drone attack didn’t cause any material and human damages but remains a threat to the
global economy.

The Iranian political, ideological, military and financial support encouraged the Huthi militias to break the national consensus, turn over the legitimate authority and take over the state’s sector, and then implemented regional agendas threatening the region. Therefore, the request was asked for help and assistance by the legitimate Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi
Arab coalition countries need.

The Arab Alliance worked to fight and stop the Houthi militias and behind them Iran. All the southern governorates were liberated except Al-Hala and Lahj after it began operations on March 25, 2015, about four years ago. It succeeded in saving Yemen from falling into Iran’s embrace. The regime of the mullahs in Tehran, who sought through the Houthi militias to find a foothold in to achieve regional expansion ambitions, exporting the Khomeini revolution and control of Bab al-Mandab.

The Arab Alliance provided all forms of political, military, economic and humanitarian support to the Yemen government, and without it, taking back 85 percent of the territories of Yemen wouldn’ have been possible.

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