The Collapse of Houthi Front in Four Yemeni Governorates

November 6, 2018

The Yemeni National Army receiving support from Arab Coalition has launched two military operations in the governorates of Hajjah and Al-Dalea after the succeeding in Al-Baida and Hodeida governorates.

In central Yemen’s, Al-Dalea governorate, the Houthi militias are fleeing just leaving the weapons, scores, and machined of the injured and dead behind. The Yemeni Army has taken control of the military machinery and arms depot. The control of Damt directorate is going to lead to a cutting of the road that links Sanaa with Taiz, Ibb, and also southern Hodeida.

In Hajjah governorate, Yemeni National Army has managed to liberate Black Mountains and Mouriyah, Al-Qafl. In the last 24 hours, the National Army force with an air cover from Arab Coalition, under the Saudi leadership, has engaged in confrontations against Houthi militias along Al-Saleh city till Al-Tis’een Stree in north Hodeida.

The Arab Coalition fighter planes have destroyed the arms depots at Kilo 8 and also the mobile targets at Kilo 16 and also the Khamseen Street along with thier surroundings. As a matter of fact, they have also destroyed military reinforcement in directorates of Zabeed, Al-Jarrahi, Bait Al-Faqih, and also southern Hodeidah.

The Giant Brigades have liberated Al-Amal City, Red Sea Grain Silos and Flour Mills, Al-Shuhari roundabout, Al-Hammadi Central Refrigerators, Al-Gharasi Complex, and Al-Imad Station. According to sources from his hideout, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, the Houthi leader have issued directives for recruiting fighters which includes forcing the civilians  government employees to battlefront.