The delegation of the Crescent visits Yemeni patients in hospitals

May 18, 2019

Representatives of the UAE Red Crescent in Aden continue their field visits to see the conditions of the patients and some cases that require support and special care in order to assist and support them.

During these visits, the representative of the UAE Red Crescent visited Aden Sultan Al Shamsi, a number of patients and wounded who are lying in the orthopedic department of the Republic Hospital.

During the visit, Al Shamsi briefed the patients on their conditions and gave them gifts, wishing them a speedy recovery.

Al Shamsi pointed out that this visit was part of the humanitarian initiatives carried out by the UAE in Yemen during the holy month of Ramadan, to raise the patient’s morale.

Representatives of the UAE Red Crescent also made similar visits during the past period to distribute aid to patients in several hospitals in Aden.

In a humanitarian gesture, a delegation from the UAE Red Crescent visited a family consisting of a parent and four disabled children in the Qalou’a district of Aden.

The visit was a great surprise for the family and neighbors and all the people of the Alqaloua area, especially since the head of the family is bedridden and his four children are disabled and can not move.

The family consists of 7 members, 4 disabled children, and one daughter, along with the father and mother; they are among the poorest and most needy families in the region.

The RED CRESCENT provided great assistance to the family as part of its charity activities during the month of Ramadan. It also ensures that all aspects of care are provided to the family.

The UAE Red Crescent has intensified its activity in Ramadan by expanding the distribution of food baskets reaching all needy people in the liberated governorates, in addition to distributing a fasting breakfast project to different camps in Aden, Lahj and the West Coast.

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