The Houthi militia holds shipments of medicines

October 3, 2019

Once and again the Houthi militia seized a new shipment of medicines, belonging to the organization “Doctors Without Borders” at Sanaa International Airport.

The Houthi militia is holding a new shipment of medicines that arrived via the United Nations airways more than a week agoat Sanaa International Airport.

The Houthi militia asked the organization to return some types of medicines, claiming that the health situation in Yemen does not need them, while the market lacks these drugs for the treatment of some chronic diseases.

The militia is putting great pressure on UN and international organizations working in the health field to give priority to the medical needs of the wounded fighters, threatening to obstruct the work of those organizations in areas under their control.

The militia Houthi had prevented, on Monday, the entry of the representative of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Yemen, Ahmed al-Obeid, to the country, and ordered his plane to take off shortly after landing in (Sanaa).

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