The Houthi militia is blocking and looting aid organizations again !

July 29, 2019

Al-Huthi’s militias continue to loot humanitarian aid from the World Food Program (WFP), burning some of them and impeding its distribution to its beneficiaries.

Local sources told press that Houthi elements confiscated a truck carrying food aid from a humanitarian organization on its way to the Jahana district in Sana’a governorate under the pretext that the aid was expired.

In the province of Rima, humanitarian sources confirmed that elements of the Houthi militias broke into a warehouse of the World Food Program and seized quantities of food and burned some of them under the pretext of damage.

Yemen High Relief Committee renewed its request to UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Marc Lokoc and humanitarian coordinator in Yemen Liz Grande to intervene urgently and investigate these incidents and take measures to ensure that aid is delivered to those who are entitled to it and to prevent it being looted.

Aid activists have accused al-Huthi militias of obstructing the activities of humanitarian organizations and seizing aid to distribute it to its elements or to harness it for its war effort. This is not the first time that militias have seized or destroyed international aid. Red Sea mills have already targeted about 20 Per cent of the stock of wheat in its stores.

WFP has explicitly accused the militias of stealing food

from the mouths of the hungry, while the group says it will not allow any humanitarian activities of international organizations without being heard and seen by an earlier statement.

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