The Houthi militias threatens the World Food Program in Yemen again

April 8, 2020

The Houthi militia has been accused by the World Food Program, of causing damage to food aid, threatening to suspend the distribution of aid in Hajjah governorate.

“6 trucks belonging to the World Food Program carrying flour that was not fit for human use were seized.”The Supreme Council for the Humanitarian Affairs Administration and Coordination’s branch affiliated with the Houthi revolutionaries in Hajjah governorate announced to justify their behavior.

“The Houthi authorities were responsible for damaging that aid,i”a UN source said in a statement published by the local news, “Corrective measures must be taken by the authorities. Interventions and obstruction of humanitarian aid are Unacceptable.”The source added.
On the other hand, and in response to these accusations, the Houthi militia confirmed its intention to escalate its war against the United Nations World Food Program by publishing videos, as part of a series of international organization’saccusations.

“If the food program does not begin to implement the test phase of cash delivery, the videos will be published, no excuse will be accepted”the leading militia leader, Muhammad Ali al-Houthi said.The Houthis want to force the World Food Program to deliver humanitarian aid in “cash money” instead of food, while the United Nations is requesting a series of measures to ensure that Houthi militias will not block the program.

The program had previously suspended the aid distribution for a period of three months in a suburb of Sanaa, until they reached an agreement with the Houthi authorities, to implement the fingerprint system to verify the aid recipients.

The United States has started cutting millions of dollars of aid in Houthi-controlled areas,since the end of March, and a USAID spokesperson said, “Washington has begun to reduce aid to northern Yemen due to unacceptable interventions by Houthi rebels.

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