The Houthi use kidnapped civilians as human shields

October 15, 2019

Yemen’s Houthi militia has moved 400 abductees from the central prison in Sanaa to a military site expected to be targeted by air strikes, said yesterday the organization of the kidnapped’smothers,a nongovernmental organization.

The association revealed in an urgent statement, that the Houthi militias, made the kidnapped civilians wear military uniforms of the Air Force and transferred them to the Central Security Camp in the area of Sab’een, after making them believe in the central prison that they will be released.

The association blamed the Houthi militia for the lives of the abductees after they were transferred to a military area, which had previously been hit by airstrikes. The Association said: “We have previously lost dozens of our abductedandkidnapped children after their detention in the military police in Sana’a and the prison of the Community College in Dhamar.”

In its statement, the Association appealed to the Red Cross, the United Nations and human rights organizations to quickly take action and save the lives of the abductees and kidnapped innocent civilians and release them.

Thousands of abducted civilians, including more than ten journalists, have been in Houthi jails for more than four years. According to official statistics, the number of abductees in Houthi prisons exceeds 6,000 abductees and detainees.

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