The houthis created 19 trenches near UN observation posts in Hodeidah

November 4, 2019

Over the past few days, Houthi coup militias have created 19 trenches in the western city of Hodeidah, most of them near the ceasefire checkpoints installed under the supervision of the head of the UN mission, General Abhijit Guha, last month.

“The Houthi militias continue to escalate the field and develop new sites and dig trenches and tunnels inside the city, the digging of 19 trenches started following the deployment of ceasefire observation points,” a joint forces statement said.

The joint forces considered this “a flagrant violation of all agreements and understandings regarding its withdrawal from the city and ports of Hodeidah, in accordance with the Stockholm Agreement.”

The statement also quoted, that the joint forces inform the United Nations Observer Group on the daily developments and violations committed by militias in the city and districts of Hodeidah.

In turn, the source warned, the continued escalation of Houthi militias breaches, which he said “threatens to undermine the truce agreement and push towards escalation militarily.”

In addition, the military media distributed pictures of some trenches created by Houthi militias in residential areas and neighborhoods near the contact areas and liaison officers to monitor the ceasefire in Hodeidah.

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