The Houthis paint the “way of no return” for yemen future generations

August 19, 2019

Like the celebrations of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, al-Houthi militia celebrations marked the graduation of about a quarter of a million Yemeni children and young students from the summer centers they set up to serve their agendas and sectarian projects in areas under their control.

The militia distributed green headbands to the graduating students, carrying their slogan, the so-called “cry,” the same Khomeinist slogan in Iran that was echoed by students at the closing ceremony of the al-Saleh Mosque in Sanaa.

According to official statistics issued by the Houthis,  the summer centers established by the legitimate government as “sectarian” and warned of its danger in instilling a culture of death and hatred were joined by 251,234 students distributed to 3,672 centers in the provinces controlled by militias

The houthis Militias formed 5 groupesof  studentsaccording to age group, more than 95 thousand students at the introductory level, 87 thousand students in the first level, 47 thousand students in the second level, and 18 thousand students in the third, and 1271 students in the fourth level.

The Houthi group focuses on the children and young people because of the ease of influencing them, and instilling the concepts and beliefs of the group in their minds, in preparation for enrolling them in training

camps, and then to be sent to the fronts.

The students at the centers received special training from Huthi leaders and loyal teachers. They included military training, according to one of the trainers, who revealed that the summer center management had asked him to carry out a military program for the students to strengthen their readiness to fight and increase their ability to withstand the difficult circumstances.

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