The ‘Imdaad’ Campaign Announced By Saudi Arabia and UAE in Yemen

November 21, 2018

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have made an announcement regarding the launch of a new food aid initiative which has been named as ‘Imdaad’ in cooperation with the World Food Program or the WFP along with other international bodies for combating the situation of famine in Yemen. The main aim of the Imdaad is to provide essential food supplies to more than 12 million people in Yemen including two million children. The food supplies that will be provided by the campaign Imdaad includes all the basic food items specially wheat of an amount enough for a period of four months or so.

Minister of State for International Cooperation, Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy, has said that the initiative of Imdaad branches from a vested interest to support the Yemenis so that they can overcome the dire humanitarian conditions which are being experienced as a result of the actions by the Houthi militias and siege of different territories of Yemen. The initiative will also help to prevent the citizens of the country to secure their basic food needs. Al Hashemy also stated that they have made a commitment to help the Yemeni people and also to improve the hardships faced by them.

The UAE Minister explained that the initiative aims to reach out to more than 12 million people. It will also help in providing them with food aid that contains five basic communities particularly rice and wheat, sufficient for them to stock up for more than four months.

The initiative will also cover all regions of the country, in spite of any political and geographical considerations to reach out to the citizens of Yemen who are in desperate need. This aid will prioritize the children, elderly, ill and the nursing mothers who are most vulnerable and predominantly malnourished.