The oath of loyalty.. Houthi ploy to please Iran

September 11, 2019

Yemeni sources revealed the pressure of pro-Iranian Houthi militias on professors and principals  of educational institutions, in order to chant the so-called the oath of loyalty

The sources pointed out that the the oath of loyalty, which the militias want to chant, instead of the national anthem, devotes sectarianism and glorifies the symbols of the pro-Iranian group.

the crimes of the Houthi militias do not stop in their military practices and killings  on the ground, but go beyond them to schools, where they work to turn the classrooms into battlefields of another kind, manipulation future generations and seeding hate intolerance and extremism .

The Yemeni sources pointed out that the Houthi militias have been holding intensive meetings since days in their areas of control, in preparation for the new school year.

The sources stressed that school principals and teachers are under great pressure and threatening from those militias, to oblige students to chant the so-called oath of loyalty  in the morning queues, instead of the national anthem, an oath that  owes allegiance to the leaders of the Houthi militias and devotes sectarianism

This practice has already been launched by those militias in the province of Saada, and they are trying now to generalize it to areas under their control. But the Houthi crimes against Yemeni students did not stop there, as educational sources confirmed that the Houthi militias made more than 200 amendments to the school curriculum, a move approved without reference to the curriculum committee

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