The Peace Deal Is Still Possible, says Former PM of Yemen

November 13, 2018

Khaled Bahah, former Prime Minister of Yemen is assured that there is still a chance to settle down the conflict of the country politically which has been going on for over four years. But the warning was also given by him to the rebels of Houthi that they may lose all the credibility which they have earned all this while among the powers of the world if they try to derail the talks on a peace that is scheduled to happen at the end of the current year. He also said if they begin to delay the peace process, then there is a chance for them to lose everything and they will be treated as a terrorist organization by the international community similar to the treatment given to ISIS.
The movement by the Houthis was obstructed by the negotiations over the longstanding settlement of the conflict after the delegation given by them failed to participate in the Geneva talks which were led by Martin Griffiths, the UN envoy. He promised to move ahead with the diplomacy in spite of the demands made by them at the last minute. Their plane must be guaranteed by the UN and it will not stop in Djibouti for the inspection led by the coalition of the Saudi Arab- was one of the demands that were made by them.
The former Prime Minister of Yemen also mentioned that the Houthi rebels will also be categorized as a terrorist organization not only because of the peace process but also for the destruction and chaos that they have caused in Yemen. But he is also of the opinion that the situation can be better as there is still an opportunity for a political situation. Khaled Bahah also added that he is optimistic about the talks that are coming up if the preliminary framework for a prospective solution is ready by now.