The UAE and Saudi Arabia are working to safeguard citizens of Yemen

September 28, 2018

Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State of the United States, has told the US Congress that the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are undertaking demonstrable actions that can reduce the risk of civilians being harmed in Yemen.

There is new legislation in the US. As per that legislation, Pompeo needs to notify lawmakers in the US if he believes that the Arab coalition is doing enough for ensuring the safety of civilians apart from bringing an end to the war against the Houthi rebels.

At the heart of this legislation is the US support for the coalition. The certification from Pompeo allows the US to keep supporting the coalition. The US is supporting the coalition by providing advanced weaponry, giving aerial refueling capabilities and sharing intelligence.

Shortly after the certification by Pompeo, Jim Mattis, the US Secretary of Defense, supported the views of his colleague. He stated that he fully supports the certification of his colleague.

Previously, Mattis had stated that the fueling and logistical support of the United States had some conditions. However, he later stated that the coalition’s commitment was reflected in the support they provide to the efforts of the United Nations to bring an end to the war through negotiations.

Pompeo and Mattis along with Dan Coats, the US Director of National Intelligence, later gave a short brief to the Congress on the role played by the United States in Yemen. There is a growing concern among a bipartisan group of senators in the US over the involvement of the US in the Yemen war. Martin Griffiths, the special envoy of the United Nations to Yemen, had also met with members of the US Congress to provide an update on the political process to end the war in Yemen.