The UAE funds 11 vital projects in Yemen and facilitates the recruitment of workers

June 18, 2019
UAE will finance and support more than 11 vital projects in Yemen in the coming period, the most important is the project to equip 20 institutes and training centers, and the project to deepen and expand the entrance of the
container port in Aden and the Yemeni coast.
Yemeni Minister of International Cooperation, Dr. Najeeb Al-Auj, revealed a Yemeni-Emirati understanding to facilitate the recruitment of professional and skilled Yemeni labor to the UAE, as needed by the private and government labor market, and to focus on supporting small and medium enterprises that create jobs for Yemenis.
Al-Awaj spoke to the press about the most important results of the visit of the Yemeni Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation to the UAE last week and the positive and fruitful results that he has achieved.
We have good relations with the Abu Dhabi Fund and the Khalifa Foundation from the past. One of the most important features of the visit was the re-activation of previous projects and the establishment of a timetable for
the most important projects that could be re-launched, especially those related to the London Conferences And Riyadh.
“We have signed an agreement with the Khalifa Foundation to grant Yemen a 120-megawatt power station in the interim capital of Aden.
The Yemeni Minister of Planning pointed out that the most prominent projects presented by the Yemeni government on the UAE side during the visit, which the UAE has pledged through the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development are: Population Database and Passport Project, Hassan Dam Project.
He added: “Besides the urban water and sanitation program in four cities, the project of rural roads, the improvement project of Socotra Airport, the project of securing the Yemeni coasts and the project of the construction of two dams in Socotra and Mukalla.
The Yemeni Minister of Planning stressed the existence of “great desire and responsiveness of the UAE during the meeting. Now we have exchanged visions and in the coming days, we will discuss the mechanisms that can
implement this program and then agree on a specific date to sign the mechanism of recruiting skilled workers in required fields such as doctors, engineers or university professors. , Or professionals from electricians, mechanics and others.

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